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To everyone who protests the Americans serving the cause in Iraq...

I would like to say that maybe Bush wasn't completely correct when he claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but at least he took no chances. At least Hussein was removed before he could attack and kill others around the world. He deserves everything that has happened to him. He is a murder and he was a dangerous dictator. Hussein didn't and still doesn't love his country or his people. He loves himself, riches and power. Yes, it is terrible that innocent people are dying because of the war but the United States is not murdering and slaughtering civilians. They are not killing them intentionally. The goal is to rebuild the country and give the Iraqis a better way of life,but they can't do that with protesters and savage milita in the way. If the Americans were to leave, the people who are attacking the Americans would take over and continue to kill as they pleased. Then the place would really be hell. At least the United States is giving food to the civilians and they are helping them rebuild their government and economy so that they can stand on there own feet. Now at least women can go outside and show their faces and children can watch television and hear music and be exposed to the outside world and new cultures. Now the Iraqis can make their own choices. In situations like this you have to look at what the long term results will bring. At let me say again, it is terrible that innocent men, women and children are dying...but my grandparents and evey other German that wasn't a part of Adolf Hitler's 'Third Reich' or 'Final Solution to the Jewish Question' was innocent too. It's casualties of war, it's sacrificing a few so that the many can survive... deal with it.

~Svenja Von Rundstedt
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