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Here we go

First lets start with one of the champions of the Anti War Movement. The basic problem with the Anti War movement is there need to manipulate facts to make them shown to be right. A fine example is one Michael Moore. In his latest movie he manipulated many facts for his Anti War movie. here is some information located here.

Furtheremore most of the people in the movement ignores the facts. Frontline ha shad several excellent specials on how we ended up in War. It detailed Saddam from start to finish. It also had an Excellent interview with a journalist linking an Al Queda Camp in Iraq to Saddam. In the article the General talks about information having to deal with this Camp. Found here :

Finally is the whole Bush is an idiot thing. If he is such an idiot why do I hear these vast conspiracy theories about him stealing our rights in a progressive manner so he can turn America into . The fact is he is a Republican president and a lot of people just don't like that. Now if they came out and said it thats fine but instead they insult him. The most commons thing I hear is he can't speak well, WELL STEVEN HAWKINS CAN'T SPEAK AT ALL! While I don't agree on his domestic policy dealing with big buisness atleast he isn't selling our secrets to the Chinese government like Clinton and Gore. I believe he is acing in the best intrest of the American people. How else do you propose he keeps all of us safe? Ignoring the problem and it will go away? That will never happened again. Ocean borders no longer protect the Americas and it has been proven that containment does not work.

This ins't bushes war. The wheels of this war started with Bill Clinton. He also wished to go to war but decided in light of the Monica Lewinsky case it would be in his best intresrt not to pursue it. Stop thinkining with your emotions and look at the facts presented to you. Do not live in the past learn from it. It was said long ago "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Why then is it so hard for people to understand the connection between Saddam and Bin Laden. If an idiot (According to a the Anti War movement mass) like George Bush figured it out. Why can't you?
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